Other places to find legal help and information:

Tennessee's free legal information resources

HELP4TN is Tennessee's free legal information website.

Another great resource is Justice for All TN, a project of the Tennessee Supreme Court's Access to Justice Initative.

Legal aid programs in Tennessee

They give free legal help. Mostly they help people whose income is low for a family of that size. Sometimes they help people no matter how much they make. This is mostly people who are abused or over age 60. They don’t take criminal cases, only cases that you yourself can’t go to jail for.

Need a free lawyer? Call one of these offices near you. Don’t know which office to call? Go to HELP4TN.org to find out.

If you need to hire an attorney, find a local one at:

Law Search Pro - a Lawyer Referral Service for Tennessee

You may find legal help and information at these places:

Need help with food, clothing, shelter, medicine or other services?

Other helpful agencies: